The Camden Model of Social Work is a model of practice based ​on a set of guiding principles and the core belief that the relationship between the social worker and the family and the social worker and the child are the key asset.  It was created in partnership with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust who worked alongside Camden to produce a model of social work that is informed by systemic family therapy.  You can watch the film that we have made together to share our model.

The Camden Model of Social Work is defined by a a shared set of values and principles informed by the experiences of children and parents which are reflected in our systems, ways of working and structure of our teams ensuring that we prioritise the child's journey through everything we do.

You will find out more here about our unique model of social work and how we have applied systemic practice in Camden including our Camden Model of Social Work promises to children and families and our staff charter.


Camden Model of Social Work Film

This film is an introduction to the Camden Model of Social Work. This is the model of systemic relationship based social work used in children's safeguarding and social work in the London Borough of Camden.


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