Use of Cookies 

Like most websites, the Camden Children’s Safeguarding and Social Work Portal's (CCSSWP) website uses a number of cookies to enhance the user experience and gain feedback on how visitors use our website – so we can make changes to improve both the site and its content.

The list below shows more details about what cookies are used for and the information they provide us. Generally the cookies can be classified as:

Session cookies: temporary cookies that are essential for website operation that remain with you until the current session is ended by closing the browser or visiting another website.

Persistent cookies: these cookies have varying lifetimes and help us collate anonymous statistical information about how visitors are using our website.


Created when a user visits your web site and stores a unique identifier for that session. The cookie is used to carry information between pages; such as your chosen primary colour; your logged in details as a user and in searches to save the user retyping information again. The cookie is fundamental to the correct operation of the web site. This is a temporary cookie that expires when the user leaves the web site or closes the window


Recording if the user has clicked accept on the cookies bar. Expires after 7 days 


This cookie is used to distinguish users for Google Analytics. It is a more permanent cookie and lasts for 2 years.


This cookie is used to distinguish users for Google Analytics. It is a temporary cookie and lasts for 24 hours.