Exploring Difference Card

How do the gggrraaaccceeesss (choose one) impact on your life and relationships?

How do you think the gggrraaaccceeesss (choose one) makes a difference to you?

What are the differences or similarities between us and how might this help or hinder our work together?

What do you think is the same or different about us?

What does it mean to you that I am a black/white worker working with you as a black/white person?

Is the colour of our skin the same or different, what do you think about that?

How has racism impacted on your life?

Do you feel you have ever been picked on or not been able to do something because of the colour of your skin?

How can I understand and show respect for your family culture?

How do you celebrate as a family, what celebrations do you have like festivals or special meals?