The integrated adolescent approach is designed to improve outcomes for adolescents who are aged 14-18 as it recognises that risks become different and often complex for this group, but is part of a whole system approach.  The Resilient Families programme has a focus on prevention and early intervention provided by the council and partners   that includes schools, police, health professionals, youth workers and the voluntary sector who work with children, young people and families.

Our integrated adolescent centred approach sees a young person as an individual rather than a number of problems. It is a holistic approach to improve outcomes for children and young people by focusing their own strengths and those in their networks and communities.  It recognizes the key importance of developing strong and consistent relationships using both peers and professionals and using evidence-based interventions to achieve change. 

The integrated approach encourages the development of skills and shared understanding across social care, youth offending, education and health services to provide effective and efficient support for all children and young people in contact with our services.

To find out more please look at the presentation we shared at a Partners in Practice Conference in the South-West region in April - Integrated Adolescent Centred Approach Presentation